About Us

About Us

Founded in 1994, Taylan Plastik has a respectable place both in Turkey and abroad in the production of plastic products, its own mold facilities and raw material sales.

Taylan Plastik, which carries out its production and sales operations in its own buildings on the European and Asian sides, works with 100% equity. Taylan Polymer provides service in a closed area of 6800 square meters under the brands of Taylan Plastik and Taygreen and offers its customers the best working opportunities.

Taylan Plastik, which is among the respected organizations of the country in raw material supply with its long years of experience, continues to provide the best service to its domestic and foreign customers.


Our Mission :

To provide innovative solutions by focusing on the corporate goals of our customers.

To use the best and latest technologies in production and packaging studies.

To fulfill all production and working stages with our well-trained and experienced staff by observing the best quality standards and consistency.

To fulfill and improve our business with enthusiasm since 1994, when we started working.

To work in line with the needs of our customers and to offer our customers the best quality at the most affordable price.